Tri Delta

Alpha Kappa at University of Maine

Member Development

Living in 3D

We live in a society where women have access to so many opportunities for education, empowerment, leadership and success. Yet, in the pursuit of happiness, women of all ages can be suffocated by the pressure to achieve a certain standard of female beauty. In 2012, Tri Delta launched BodyImage3D® as a multi-dimensional approach to body image awareness and education which encourages a well-rounded, in-depth body image with three key components: healthy mind, healthy body and healthy spirit. This three-hour facilitator-led program focuses on personal and chapter self-esteem development as well as body image education.

Tri Delta’s National House Corporation (NHC) exists to support the Fraternity by providing resources and assistance to manage competitive housing and perpetuate growth for Tri Delta properties. By setting a high standard for chapter housing, NHC fulfills its mission is to add value to the Tri Delta experience by thoughtfully enhancing the collegiate living and learning environments.

Learning in 3D

All Tri Delta new members participate in our new member education program. During this time, new members will learn more about the Fraternity, get acquainted with their sisters, understand the importance of our policies and procedures, be educated on leadership in Tri Delta and be encouraged to focus on academic success. With a deeper understanding of Tri Delta’s Purpose and core values, members are asked to make a lifelong commitment to truth, self-sacrifice and friendship in all they do.

New to the program in 2015, is the addition of content designed to educate and empower Tri Delta women on the topics of sexual assault awareness, bystander behavior and healthy relationships. This content was developed in partnership with Student Success, Inc., and with guidance from university-based professionals.

As a new member, your daughter will be paired with a sponsor – often referred to as a “Big Sister” – who will help mentor, guide and teach her about membership in Tri Delta. Typical, junior members serve as “Big Sisters” to our new members. Then, as a junior, your daughter will have the opportunity to serve in this role – helping to enhance the membership experience for an incoming member.

Leading in 3D

Leadership training is intrinsic to the Tri Delta experience. Whether serving as an officer or participating in her chapter’s educational programming, your daughter will be offered the support and opportunity to grow as a leader.

In addition to the leadership education that is provided by each collegiate chapter, Tri Delta also offers leadership training programs at Convention and Collegiate Leadership Conferences. There are four areas of growth that Tri Delta’s leadership education focuses on: organizational growth, intrapersonal growth, interpersonal growth and professional growth. Throughout the collegiate experience, your daughter will attain core competencies and skill development in each of these areas. It is the intention of Tri Delta that all new and active members have a sorority experience that is safe, fun and healthy.

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